mysterious skin

nobody loves me everybody hates me guess i'll go eat worms

a dear friend of mine from school i found out killed himself this weekend. some questions just don’t have answers.

survived the lsat ish

ISFPs are the most modest of all the types and can be extremely self-critical. It is very easy for them to under-rate their capabilties and gifts. Yet they have much to teach the other types.

(Source:, via myersandbriggs)

i just started playing heavy rain, and wow shit got real v v fast

26, 98 <3
- whimsicalnightowl

my last birthday: well my bf’s birthday is the day after mine, so we went on a roadtrip to where he grew up, and we went to a park and rode our bikes and smoked weed, then later we went mini golfing.  the next day we went to a huge bonfire, also bday dinner with his fam.

if i could wish for anything in the world: well fingers crossed i get into law school, other than that i’m content. x