mysterious skin

the shitapple doesn't fall far from the shit tree


. the bf and i are in the process of moving in together in a neighborhood we like in philadelphia (people have strangely fierce loyalty to neighborhoods in this city, sort of like the boroughs of new york) which is both stressful and bizarre and wonderful
. incidentally, this is the first time i’ve had internet in a couple weeks
. i still feel beyond anxious, but i feel happier i think
. i’ve always had terrible acne, and although i’ve tried a million different products, nothing has ever seemed to work - this is a huge fear of mine, being stuck with scarred, pocked acne skin when i get older.  but i finally have found peter thomas roth products, and strangely they’re helping amen
. also, i’m applying to law school (again stressful, bizarre, wonderful) which both makes me feel old and makes me feel excited because i don’t really have a “purpose”

so triggered and anxious ack!!!